Stay Inside

by Just Nick

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Stay Inside is a 4 song EP written, performed, and recorded by (Just) Nick Wuebben. It's about the summertime, an essay (concerning human understanding), girls with the tenacity to remind me of Ronald Reagan, feelin' apathetic, Larry Robinson, thrash metal t-shirts, Jenny, dyin' young, and shitty blog posts.


released September 15, 2014

Album art by Hannah Beth Ragland (allmymetaphors)



all rights reserved


Just Nick Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: P/F
I've got about a half a bottle of whiskey in my closet
and I've spent most of the money that I've got left on represses of vinyl and limited run color vinyl
and I've got another paper due tonight at 12AM
on an essay concerning human understanding
you spilt your beer on it last weekend, but it's alright 'cause now I'm laughing at how the ink ran down the page to make more sense than it did in the first place

Well I've got no time, I guess I'll get sick later,
I've got a routine of pressin' my pen to the paper
all alone in my room in a blinding typhoon
'till I'm drowning, Yeah I'm drowning
in everyone around me, all the people I meet,
what's your name, oh thats cute, I'll forget it next week. Soon I'll muster up the courage,
give that beauty-queen a call, she'll say "Mr. Gorbachev, let's tear down this wall"

I might sound crazy, but I want you to chew me up and spit me out, we've gotten so damn lazy that even epimetheus has doubts

that even epimetheus has...
about a half a bottle of whiskey in his stomach,
and he's spent all his money on cheap regrets,
like nicotine and razorblades and all the shit that helps us hate ourselves
I might sound crazy, but I want you to chew me up and spit me out
Track Name: Cold Water
the sprinklers hit the driveway, so volatile
it sounds like summer rain
my dad calls to remind me
son you haven't left the house in three days

so I'll splash cold water on my face
'cause apathy won't answer everything
like the sweat on my cheekbones
apathy wont answer anything

I'd call up some old friends,
but I'm holding out for them to call on me
poke fun at all the old times
and all the trying times found in-between

we'll finger through the dollar jazz records
and know the world don't owe us anything
but bootleg t-shirts
and larry's 2 for 1 deal on acoustic guitar strings
Track Name: Anthrax Shirt
after droppin' out of art school,
moving here from Baltimore,
she'd gotten married to the wrong man
I feel so ignored!
Just like back home in Minnesota,
with your purple hair tied up
you ate acid in a bathtub,
and told me all about love

I think I was 16, I think you were 23.
I listened to slayer, you sang:
"Hi diddle dee dee, goddamn the pirates life for me, goddamn the pirates life for me!"
but you're not the only girl that I wish I could've kissed
in my anthrax shirt on the graveyard shift

you ordered a drink, and I just sat and stared at you
oh, you had found me hopeless and I'd found you hopeless too
you passed me your drink, with no idea what to do, I had found you hopeless, you were oh so fucking hopeless

it hurt to see you cry, with that final glass of wine,
I haven't seen you since we started workin' overtime
there are people in our lives, who we need from time to time, only know 'em for the summer, but it's feels perfectly fine

you told me you'd dropped out of art school and moved here from baltimore she'd gotten married to the wrong man 'I feel so ignored' just like back home in Minnesota, purple mohawk, fuckin' drunk, you ate acid in a bathtub, and told me all about love
Track Name: In Regards To (Your Shitty Blog Post)
well, somebody said:
"these are gonna be the best years of your life,"
I guess I'm doin' fine, but I hope they're not right
'cause I don't ever want to die

dyin' young ain't as great as john green novels say it is, it ain't glamourous.
I'll end up pushin' rocks like sisyphus, for cheatin' death, but apparently I stole your faith with my first kiss. Well this worn down, beat up hedonist will say: "today just ain't my day"

well someday I'll sing my last song
it wont have nothin' to do with you
but I hope that you'll still sing along
it'll go: "hey friends, I've never been so happy in my life," we'll soon be in the dirt, but we don't ever have to say goodbye, except to those who need to put their trust in someone else,
she looks back at her college years, just like another trophy on the shelf
because somebody said:
"these are gonna be the best years of your life"